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Introducing the new and only way to manage your tournaments and leagues

Say No To Excel

Excel or old tournament software is not the best way to organise a tournament anymore.

Our web based system lets you manage everything (yes, everything!) easily from your browser.

So let's start by saying No to Excel, and no to mistakes, and no to horrible results in a spreadsheet!

Finally something good for grassroots

Organisers need a reliable tool to run a tournament.

Team managers need a fast and well laid out website to see their fixtures.

The players and parents need fast results on tournament days to see how they are doing.

With TorneoPal this is all possible and it is the reality for our customers in over 20 countries. They would never go back to the old way.

Perfect 5 Star Reviews

Join us!

We work with youth, amateur or pro leagues and tournaments with over 30 teams.

We offer support for football/soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby and hockey.

We are 100% convinced that you will love TorneoPal.

You'll also give the best possible experience to the teams at your tournament.

Plus you can even use your new tournament site to save the hassle and expense of printing programmes that end up with old data anyway.

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